How To Paint Surfboards

There are a couple of different ways to paint surfboards, all of which are effective ways to splash a bit of color on a plain white stick. The best way to paint surfboards is to airbrush directly on the foam before glassing. However, most surfers that decide to paint surfboards don’t have this option. This article will focus on ways to add color to a glassed completed surfboard.

To paint a surfboard you will need:

  • Sand paper
  • Wax comb
  • Acetone
  • Water
  • Spray paint
  • Paint pens
  • Markers
  1. Cleaning. No matter the method of painting, the first step to paint surfboards is always cleaning. Before painting, it is important to scrape all wax off the surface of the board, clean the board with acetone to remove excess dirt, and then lightly sand the area to facilitate bonding. Wash the area again with water after sanding.
  2. Choosing your medium. Paint pens are the best way to paint surfboards that have already been glassed. Normal markers will do the trick, but tend to fade over time. Spray paint is another classic option to paint surfboards, but this method can add weight to a board if used excessively.
  3. Paint or draw. For paint pens and markers just draw right on the board. Spray paints need to be used outside on a warm day.
  4. Spray tricks. Stencils are a great way to add intricate spray paint designs to a board. Likewise, dribbling common dish soap on a board before spraying is a cheap way to add a trippy acid-wash design.
  5. Seal it.  Regardless of how you paint surfboards it is important to seal the design with a clear-coat of spray paint. A clear coat will prevent the design from chipping or smearing.
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