How To Paint A Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

Are you wondering how to paint a vintage motorcycle helmet? You will need to decide if your vintage motorcycle helmet will be a single color or if you will have designs on the helmet. Templates and tape can be used to section off areas to get the perfect helmet.

You will need:

  • paint
  • clear coat
  • primer
  • airbrush machine
  • sand paper (400 + 600 grit)
  • stencils and masking tape to create designs (optional)
  1. Remove accessories. Straps, padding, screws and any other accessories that you can remove should be removed before beginning to paint a vintage motorcycle helmet.
  2. Sand. Use the 400 grit sandpaper (dampened) to rough the area to be painted on the vintage motorcycle helmet. Follow with 600 grit sandpaper (dampened), making sure to remove the existing top coat.
  3. Primer. Airbrush a coat of primer onto your vintage motorcycle helmet. Allow to dry, then sand smooth. Repeat if needed.
  4. Apply tape and stencils. If you will be putting a design on your vintage motorcycle helmet, you will need to apply the templates, tape and stencils to section off the helmet.
  5. Airbrush the paint on. Airbrush your choice of paint on to the helmet. Allow to dry. Repeat if needed.
  6. Remove the tape. If you are airbrushing a design, make sure the color is the depth you want it before moving on to the next color. Place the stencils, tape or other materials you are using for the next color (if needed).
  7. Clear coat. Apply a couple of layers of clear coat to the dried helmet. Allow for dry time between coats.
  8. Replace accessories. Put the padding and screws back to use your vintage motorcycle helmet.
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