How To Paint A Waterproof Canvas Tent

Need to know how to paint a waterproof canvas tent? It is one thing to paint a regular canvas tent, but another to paint a waterproof canvas tent. Painting a canvas tent, waterproof or not, isn't difficult, and the process should be repeated at least once a year to maintain your waterproof tent.

To paint a waterproof canvas tent, you will need:

  • A waterproof canvas tent
  • Waterproof spray paint
  • Seam sealant
  • Stencils
  • Heavy-duty tape
  1. Start by locating an area where the ground is level and smooth. Set up the tent as you normally would, using the instruction manual (if provided). Make sure it is set up correctly, and smooth out any large creases.
  2. Using the seam sealant, start sealing up the seams in the tent. This is to prevent any water from seeping in and ruining the interior of your tent. It also helps prevent any paint from entering the tent.
  3. Spray paint the outside of your tent with the lightest color of paint that you have. Ensure that you applied a good, even coat to the part you wish to paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  4. Using the heavy-duty tape, stick the stencil to the tent in the patterns and shapes you desire. Make sure they are properly fitted, and smooth out any air bubbles.
  5. Continue spray painting the outside of the tent and adding more layers of stencils. You should use darker colors of spray paint with every coat you paint. Remember to let the paint dry thoroughly between each layer. Once you are satisfied, peel off all the stencils.



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