How To Paint An Xbox 360 Controller

Many avid gamers want to know how to paint an Xbox 360 controller because custom hardware has become the new trend in 2010. Gamers are painting their Xbox consoles, decorating their rooms in their favorite game decor and, the newest rage, painting their standard white controllers different colors and designs. Learning how to paint an Xbox 360 controller is a thorough task, but when completed, you will own a head-turning controller that you can be proud to lay out around the house. 

Things you will need:


  • Xbox 360 controller
  • X-Acto knife
  • Phillips No. 1 screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Cotton balls
  • Outdoor paint for plastics
  • Clear protective paint (optional)
  1. Disassemble your controller. Carefully remove the bar code sticker on the reverse side of the Xbox 360 controller (behind the battery pack) with an X-Acto knife. Remove all seven screws with a Phillips No. 1 screwdriver and carefully pull apart your controller, starting with the bottom piece located near the headset port and working your way up. Keep your Xbox 360 controller pieces organized,since you will need all of the pieces to properly reassemble your controller.
  2. Prepare the controller frame for painting. Take the Xbox 360 controller's outer case outdoors in a clean environment and thoroughly sand every inch of the controller with sandpaper. It is recommended to paint your controller on a cardboard box rather than newspaper because newspaper tends to stick to the controller when paint is wet. Place cotton balls in place of any buttons or joysticks to avoid sticky buttons.
  3. Paint the controller. Using the outdoor plastic paint in your color of choice, spray paint the controller about two feet away. Remove cotton balls after every coat of paint before it dries and replace before next coat of paint. After the first coat of paint thoroughly dries, it is optional to either place a solid second coat or stencil on a custom design. Custom stencil designs may possibly need a clear protective coating to remain permanent, but this step is entirely optional for less complex designs.
  4. Reassemble the controller. After the controller’s outer casing has completely dried in a non-humid environment for a minimum of two days, it is time to reassemble the Xbox 360 controller. Carefully place the correct buttons in their correct button holes and properly place plastic covers over correct buttons. Make sure the joysticks are properly connected to their rightful connectors or the controller will not assemble correctly. Snap the Xbox 360 controller’s body in place, sliding the plate near the headset port between the top and bottom pieces before completely connecting top and bottom pieces. After snapping all pieces in place, replace all seven screws into their proper place. The Xbox 360 controller is now completely customized! Sit back, relax and play in style.
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