How Paintball Guns Are Made

Want to learn how paintball guns are made at the factory? Playing paintball is a blast, but have you ever wondered how the paintball markers, another name for the guns, are assembled? Read on to find out how paintball guns are actually made.

What is needed when paintball guns are made:

  • aluminum body containing bolt, trigger, and trigger frame
  • springs and levers
  • bolt
  • valve
  • loader / hopper
  • main body assembly
  • compressed air tank

 How paintball guns are made:

  1. Bolt, valve, and trigger frame are the firing part of the gun. They are made in an aluminum body.assembly so the gun is lightweight and most cost-effective.
  2. Trigger is hooked to springs and levels. The trigger has to be hooked to springs and levers within its body, which is plastic or aluminum. This allows the hammer to move forward whenever the trigger is pulled.
  3. Bolts and valves. A bolt is in control of the direction of the tank's compressed air while the valve determines whether the gun is firing properly. These two items are placed into the main body.
  4. Assembly of the main body. Aluminum or PVC makes up this portion of the gun. In addition to a handle, it holds the chamber for bolt and valve assembly. There's space for the tank containing compressed air, the barrel, and the loader and hopper.

The majority of paintball guns or markers are made in factories. The paintball guns are assembled by putting together the individual components in the proper way to end up with a functional marker by the end of process. Exact specifications allow for the paintball gun's accuracy and power. If you'd like a customized paintball gun, there are companies out there who are willing to do this for their customers.

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