How To Pair Guitar Hero Drums With PS3

Later versions of Guitar Hero for PS3 includes the drums, similar to Rock Band's full band set up – and knowing how to pair guitar hero drums with the PS3 is an essential piece of knowledge. Guitar Hero is a great party game, even for people that haven't played any video games. Playing on Guitar Hero drums is very close to the way you would play a real set of drums, so along with the entertainment you'll get plenty of practice if you ever do want to play for real. One big advantage of this drum setup for Guitar Hero is that it is wireless and uses a USB dongle connection to pair the Playstation 3 and drum set. All of the instruments are going to take up enough space to begin with in your living room, so this cuts down on some of the clutter.

  1. Set up the Guitar Hero drum kit. There are a few different parts to put together, but it's not very hard. Just put the drum heads down onto the base, and follow with the cymbals. The bass pedal goes on last.
  2. Insert the USB dongle labeled "Drum" into the USB port on the PS3.
  3. Press the Playstation button on the drum.
  4. Press the button on the USB dongle. It will begin to blink.
  5. Return to the drums. Press the Playstation button once more. The light on the dongle should switch to a steady light once the Playstation 3 and the Guitar Hero drums are paired. Now you can rock out all night long.



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