How To Pair Netflix With Boxee

One of the many advantages to knowing how to pair Netflix with Boxee is the ability to utilize both the search features of Boxee and the free movie viewing that your Netflix account offers. With the built in search of Boxee finding movies on Netflix can be much easier and take less time. The ability to pair Netflix with Boxee is not difficult and can be learned with just a few easy steps.

To pair Netflix with Boxee you will need:

  • A Netflix account.

  • A Boxee account.

  • A compatible PC or Mac computer.

  1. Login to Boxee. You can login to Boxee at You will need to login on the Boxee website and not through your Boxee application in order to pair Boxee with Netflix.

  2. Access your services menu. The services menu for your Boxee account is located on your account page on the right hand side of your screen. Click on the services option.

  3. Select Netflix. Locate the Netflix icon located on the left hand side of your services screen. Click on the Netflix icon.

  4. Authorize access to your Netflix account from Boxee. When you click on the Netflix icon you will be given a screen with an option to authorize your Netflix account. Click on the word "Authorize." You will be taken to a Netflix confirmation screen.

  5. Confirm your Netflix authorization. You will need to login to your Netflix account through the screen that Boxee opens for you. Your Netflix account must be active in order to complete this step.

  6. Login to your Netflix account. You will now need to go to and login to your Netflix account. When you login click on the "Your Account" option.

  7. Activate your computer as a Netflix device. When you have accessed your account on the Netflix screen you will need to locate the option displaying your Netflix ready devices and computers. Click on this option.

  8. Activate the device. Once you are in the Netflix ready devices menu you can then activate your computer as a Netflix ready device. You will need to use the passcode sent to you by Boxee to complete the Netflix pairing.

When all of these steps have been completed then you will have been able to pair Netflix with Boxee. These steps can take a few minutes, so be patient. Your patience will be rewarded with the ability to view Netflix on demand movies from your Boxee software. Once you have paired Netflix and Boxee, you will be able to watch your Netflix on demand movies from any computer that has your Boxee software installed.

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