How To Pair PS3 With Computer

Knowing how to pair PS3 with computers will definitely open a lot of doors, and it will make your PS3 so much more useful when it comes to media sharing. Luckily, pairing a PS3 and a computer is not hard in the least, and you should be ready to share media within fifteen minutes or so.

To pair PS3 with computers, you will need:

  • A computer with Windows
  • A home network
  • The latest version of Windows Media Player
  1. Begin by launching Windows Media Player and searching for the “Library” tab at the top. Once you’ve found the tab, search for a small down arrow just below the tab. You will need to click this to enable the drop down menu. There should be an option that says, “Media Sharing…” and you will need to click this to begin enabling your computer to connect to the PS3.
  2. After clicking “Media Sharing…” you’ll be prompted with a window to configure the devices to share with. Depending on your network type (Public or Private), you may or may not be able to see any devices in the box. If you’re network is set to "Public," you will need to click the “Networking…” button and alter the network so that it is set to "Private." However, this is only in Windows Vista. Either way, you should now see your device in the box. For some reason, the computer may label the PlayStation as an unknown device, but either way, they are the same thing. Also, make sure your PS3 is powered on or it will not be discoverable by the computer.
  3. Click the PS3 icon or “Unknown Device,” and press Allow. This will enable you to pair your PS3 with your computer so that it can begin streaming media.
  4. On the PS3, begin searching for servers. Now that your computer has enabled media sharing, the PlayStation should be able to discover your computer. Happy streaming!
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