How To Palm A Basketball

There are ways to learn how to palm a basketball.  While for some it may not be possible due to hand size, others who cannot naturally palm a basketball can develop ways to learn how to palm a basketball.  Take the following steps into consideration to learn how to palm a basketball.

  1. Place your hand on top of the basketball to obtain the necessary grip.  A basketball is palmed by holding it as tightly as possible so that you only need one hand.  Simple grip the ball with an outstretched hand to see if this is possible for you currently.
  2. Try using your fingertips to improve the grip.  If you can't palm the basketball naturally, using your fingertips to latch onto the ball as tightly is possible may work.  Try using your fingertips in this manner in order to place more pressure around the ball.
  3. Develop and train hand strength.  Hand strength will allow you to develop the ability to palm a basketball.  It can also allow you to palm the basketball more easily if you can perform this task.  There are several hand trainers that can develop your grip strength.  Developing forearm muscles can help additionally, as these are used.  Include these just as you would any form of strength training.
  4. Apply palming a basketball to your game.  Develop your ability to palm a basketball so that you can take advantage of it when you play.  From the triple-threat position away from your defender to just after grabbing a rebound, palming a basketball can help you in the game.
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