How to Pancake Someone in Football

If you want to show your dominance over another player, you should know how to pancake someone in football. Knowing how to pancake someone in football is the ultimate way to block and humiliate an opposing player.

You will need to gather the following materials:

  • Football pads
  • An opponent
  • Aggression
  1. Line up in a three-point stance with your weight shifted slightly forward. When you are learning how to pancake someone in football, you want to line up on the line as you usually would in a three-point stance. You want your weight shifted a little bit forward so you can explode off the line, but not so much that an opposing player will notice a difference in your stance.
  2. Explode off the line. When the ball is snapped, you want to explode off the line and bring the fight to whoever you are blocking. If you can catch them off guard it will be much easier to pancake them. As soon as the ball is snapped you want to be in the process of hitting the man you are blocking. This is where the aggression comes in.
  3. Gain leverage. You want to hit your opponent from a low angle and use your hips and legs to drive them up and back. Your hands should be lifting from under the front of your opponent's pads. Use your aggression to put a lot of power into this move because you want to drive your opponent off his feet, into the air, and onto his back.
  4. Finish with a flourish. The last step in learning how to pancake someone in football is knowing how to finish. You don't simply want to knock your opponent down, you want to assert your dominance. When your opponent is falling onto his back, you should fall forward on top of him. All of your weight and momentum should finish driving him into the ground. It is this last step that shows you have truly learned how to pancake someone in football.
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