How To Parallel Park A Tractor Trailer Truck

Learning how to parallel park a tractor trailer truck is a skill you'll have to know if you are looking to obtain your CDL license.  This is a difficult skill to master, so lots of practice is in order.  Here's how to parallel park a tractor trailer truck:

What you'll need:

  • a tractor trailer truck
  • an open practice area, preferably with a curb
  • four traffic cones
  1. Mark your practice spot.   Use the four traffic cones to mark out the space that you will be using to practice parallel parking.   Two cones should be used to mark the end of the parallel parking space and two cones should be used to mark the beginning of the parallel parking space.
  2. Start straight.   Before attempting to parallel park the tractor trailer truck, first make sure that the tractor trailer truck is pulled up in front and to the left of the practice parking area, and that the truck and trailer are aligned and straight before you begin.
  3. Check your mirrors and back up.  Check your mirrors to gauge the distance to the parking area, begin slowly backing the tractor trailer truck up and turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the way you want the trailer to go.  In this case, turn the wheel left to get the trailer to go right toward the curb.  Back until the trailer reaches the back inside of the space then stop.
  4. Check your mirrors again.    Check your mirrors again, then pull forward to straighten out the trailer in the parking area.   Turn the wheel right, then straighten it out as the trailer begins to align with the curb. 
  5. Small corrections.  You may have to repeat steps three and four in order to get the truck and trailer as close to the curb as desired.  Remember to make small corrections with the wheel and go slowly to avoid overshooting your parking area.
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