How To Parry A Punch In Boxing

Need to know how to parry a punch in boxing? Knowing how to parry a punch in boxing is essential for the competitive boxer. Parrying a punch involves blocking the punch in order to avoid the strike. It also allows great counterattacking chances to take advantage of. Take the following points into consideration to learn how to parry a punch in boxing.

  1. Keep your hands up. If you want to have a chance at avoiding a strike, and especially blocking the punch, you will need to keep your hands up to defend. To block a punch in boxing, your hands must be ready to react to the type of strike coming your way.
  2. React and meet the punch with your glove. To parry the punch, you must be able to meet it with your glove to stop or redirect the punch. There are no absolutes as to which hand to use to block what type of punch. This goes along with counterattacking and taking an angle.
  3. Move and take angles. In boxing, you can't just stand there; you need to move your body and head while you parry. When you perform the parry, you will need to take an angle to be able to counterattack.
  4. Strike back. Once you catch your opponent you will have a great opportunity to counter attack. Take advantage of this and catch your opponent unexpectedly.
  5. Practice the parry. Parrying a punch in boxing takes a lot of work. You will need to practice to develop these reactions. Spend some time working on the parry and counterattacking from the parry. You will become accustomed to the angles and ways in which you can capitalize on a successful parry.



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