How to Party Without Alcohol

It’s a common belief that a party isn’t a party unless there’s alcohol; however there are so many ways to find out how to party without alcohol. And we're not talking about inviting over some friends from church and playing a round of “find-that-verse” but if that’s your idea of a good time then please, by all means, party on.

  1. BBQ: BBQ’s combine some of the best things on Earth! Friends, the outdoors and, oh yes, food. Whether you’re the host of a BBQ or just attending a BBQ this is one sunny party that does not require alcohol.
  2. Music burning party: New music is always fun to get. And burning it off your buddy’s laptop is a whole lot easier without alcohol. Besides, if you were drinking, that song that you absolutely love probably wouldn't sound as good tomorrow.
  3. Movie Party: Inviting over a bunch of your friends to watch a movie requires no alcohol but maybe some snacks (e.g. chips, sodas, popcorn) and a good a movie.
  4. Game Night: Game night is as timeless as the board games you’ll break out of the cupboard. Board games require absolutely no alcohol but maybe three to five players and a competitive spirit.
  5. Ultimate Frisbee: Playing ultimate Frisbee during the day or at night (yes) probably isn’t a good idea if you’re drunk. Think about it: alcohol, plus running, plus trying to catch a Frisbee equals today’s tuna salad all over your shoes. Much better idea to play this without alcohol.

The point is, you don’t need alcohol to party. These healthy alternatives will often do what alcohol does at a party and that’s get people to interact. Except partying without alcohol might actually let you connect with someone. So whether you’re at a BBQ, a game night or an ultimate Frisbee match you don’t need alcohol to loosen up just a little willingness.

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