How To Pass A Drug Test: Home Remedies

How to pass a drug test using home remedies that are actually effective is what most people seek. The only problem is deciding if you want to play fate trying to pass your drug test. The information below is tried and tested ways that will help you flush your system enabling you pass your drug tests.

To pass your drug test using home remedies, you will need one or more of the following:

  • Water
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Diuretics: Coffee, green tea or apple cider vinegar
  1. Water is the safest way to flush your system to pass your drug test. You will need to drink an average of one gallon or more of water. The water you will need to be drink must be consumed within hours of your drug test.  This process helps dilute your urine giving a false negative result. The con to drinking water is that your urine may become so diluted that you give off the impression that you are trying to pass your drug test.
  2. Cranberry juice is effective in the way that is helps flush the kidneys but works in many ways like water. The cranberry juice will need to be consumed much like the water right before the test, and in the same quantities. But many people prefer this over water due to taste. It may be helpful to take cranberry capsules while also drinking cranberry juice.
  3. Diuretics such as those listed above help flush the system same as the water and cranberry. But they also combine make users have to urinate more frequently. You will need to consume the diuretics the day before and all the way up to taking your drug test. The average built person will need to drink one or more gallons to properly flush their system. Keep in mind, consuming caffeineated diuretics will have adverse effects. You will want to flush your system with non-caffeineated beverages. 

How to Pass a Drug Test

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