How to Pass a Football

Virtually every kid growing up wants to learn how to pass a football.  This must-have skill is not as tough as many make it out to be.  It requires that you spend a little time practicing some specific steps, and then getting out there and throwing the football regularly.  You will find that passing a football is much like riding a bike – you never forget once you know how to do it.

To pass a football, you will need:

  • Football
  • A Partner to Throw To
  1. To pass a football you will need a regulation sized football.  Many kids start out with smaller footballs, and this is not good.  Though a regulation sized football will often be too large for a child, they should start with the right size from the beginning.  
  2. Find space to throw.  Passing a football around can be very dangerous if you do not find plenty of space to throw.  Find an empty lot, backyard or football field to pass the football safely.
  3. Find someone to pass the football to.  While a partner is not absolutely necessary, it is better to have someone to throw the football with.  Not only is it more fun, it also gives you a chance to practice catching the football.
  4. Spread your feet shoulder length apart.  Your feet should be about as wide as your shoulders, and they should be lined up facing your target.  Proper feet placement is vital to passing a football.  
  5. Point your shoulder at the target.  This will help to ensure proper foot placement as well as control on the throw when you pass a football.
  6. Grip the football with your fingers over the laces.  Your pointer finger should be between the laces at the back and the other fingers should alternate across the remaining football laces.
  7. Stride towards the target.  When you have your shoulders lined up facing the target, your arm will naturally throw the football properly.  Stepping towards the target when you pass a football will help you with throwing power and accuracy.
  8. Bring the football over the shoulder and by your ear.  This will give you proper placement of the football as it is being passed.  Follow all the way through on the pass.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Never pass a football side-armed. This will hurt your arm eventually.
  • Always follow through on every pass. This is the key to throwing tight spirals.
  • Spend time practicing every chance you get.  
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