How To Pass A Home Buying Inspection

If you need to list a home for sale in the near future, knowing how to pass a home buying inspection can save you time and help you sell your home quickly. An inspection’s results can be the determining factor in the sale of a home. Therefore, knowing what the inspector will look for can help you prepare for a successful home inspection.

Things you’ll need:

  • Caulking gun
  • Caulking
  • Weather strip


  1. Fix any leaks or moisture problems. Pipe leaks can cause wood to rot, cause mold to develop and create bad odors. If you notice any water or dampness, locate the moisture source and correct the problem. Replace any rotted sheet rock, wood or carpet in order to pass the inspection.
  2. Repair any structural problems. The inspector will look for structural issues, such as uneven floors, a sagging roof and cracks on the walls or concrete floors.
  3. Bring the wiring up to current code standards before the home inspection. This includes all circuit breakers electrical panels, as well as all sockets.
  4. Make sure your furnace and air-conditioning system works properly.
  5. Block any drafts. You may need to recaulk your windows and weather strip your doors.
  6. Correct any roof problems. Clean all downspouts and gutters. The inspector will also check the condition of the roofing material. Don’t forget to replace any damaged flashing around the chimney area.
  7. Check your home’s security. Make sure the locks on your windows work properly. Don’t forget to check all the smoke detectors or water sprinklers.
  8. Request your own inspection. Although this means paying anywhere from $200 to 300 for the inspection, you can correct any problems prior to listing your home.

Selling a home is already a stressful event. You can minimize the stress level if you correct any problems prior to putting it on the market. Remember to look for leaks, foundation problems and block any drafts. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the wiring meets current code regulations.



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