How To Pass Mission 07 In Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

"Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising" is an incredibly engaging game that starts off easy enough but soon you will join the multitudes of gamers wondering how to pass Mission 07 in “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising.” It is the first mission where you are seriously outgunned and forced to rely on your wits and add a little strategy to your game. It is also a taste of things to come.

To pass mission seven in “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising,” you will need:

  • A copy of the game
  • Sheer dumb luck
  • Skill
  • Patience
  1. The goal. Before you try and figure out how to pass mission seven in “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising,” let us examine the goals of the mission titled, Bleeding Edge. You must take your unit through the enemy line and secure the fuel depot. Sounds simple, but you are outnumbered and flanked by PLA forces and you also have to slog through several gun emplacements.
  2. Run, shoot, get lucky. To be honest, most gamers who never had to wonder just how the hell do you pass mission seven in “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising” were lucky. Plus, these guys have fast reflexes and could overcome the enemy AI by always moving and firing. You can tackle mission seven in “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising” in the same manner if you have fast reactions because the enemy will definitely unload on you. The best strategy in this instance is to outflank the right side of the fuel depot. Flank manually because the fire team is decent at moving but you will need several head shots to keep up the pace. If you stop or get pinned down, you are screwed.
  3. The APC way. The easiest way to pass mission seven in “Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising” is also the slowest and most tedious which is why most players opt for the run and gun method. But after your team is eliminated for the umpteenth time and you grow tired of restarting mission seven, it is time to go for a ride. Hop in an APC (or AFV) and take out all the defenses you can hit around the fuel depot. Then run in and quickly finish off the rest of PLA units. You will get hit, bleed and barely make it but it is the easiest method by far.


Get a decent commander in the vehicle to help the driver because you will have to floor it and reverse a few times.  

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