How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test Using Home Remedies

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to pass a saliva drug test. While using drugs should, at no time, be encouraged, there are situations where it cannot be avoided. By following the tips described below, you will be able to pass a saliva drug test. Always remember that when it comes to drug use, the only way to be guaranteed of a passing drug test is by complete non-use.

  1. Avoid settings where drug use is likely to be high. As stated in the introduction, the only way to be sure of passing a drug test is to avoid using them altogether. Remember that, in some cases, failing to use drugs may not be enough to pass a saliva test. In high amounts, second-hand smoked associated with drug use may cause you to pop positive. Because of this, it is important not only to avoid drug use yourself, but also to stay away from others who may also use it.
  2. If you have, for some reason, used drugs in the recent past, consider drinking high amounts of water before the saliva test. Be sure to not only drink the water, but to swish it around in your mouth as much as possible, in order to dilute the saliva.
  3. Gargle with a man-made drug test blocker. In some cases, these products may be able to mask the symptoms of drug use. While they may be highly effective for some, others have not achieved satisfactory results. These should be used only in the most extreme cases.



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