How To Passionate Kiss

Learning how to passionate kiss is very easy. Passionate kisses are relative to the person you happen to be kissing. So, in order to learn how to passionately kiss simply means learning how to read what your partner likes. Kissing is the perfect example of the physical give and take between two people. If you kiss to strongly and she’s a softer kisser, you’ll swallow her. If she uses tongue and you don’t, the kiss will seem hollow. Passionate kissing is all about reading what she likes so you can adequately compliment her style. It should be like a dance with your lips. Here’s how to passionately kiss her each and every time.

  1. Pay attention to her. What’s her kissing style? Does she like a little tongue? Does she enjoy a forceful kiss every now and again? Take note of exactly how she lays her kisses on you. You’re going to develop a style that compliments her kisses. You should be able to mirror how she kisses. If she’s playful, you be playful. If she kisses deeply, then you return the favor with deep kisses of your own. It’s all about reading her.
  2. The passion. In order for your kisses to be passionate, you need to start with the passion long before your lips even touch. It’s all in the eyes. Give her a solid lustful glance right before you guys kiss. It’ll send shocks through her. The kiss will subsequently sustain those erotic shocks that you sent. Make sure you lock on to her eyes. Make sure she does the same for you.
  3. The dance. When your lips meet, let her lead. Remember, feed off of what she gives. If she’s coming at you full steam, you’d better not pull away like a punk. Get in there and give her the business. Meet and match her force.
  4. Tongue. You can’t have a passionate kiss without the tongues. Again, let her lead. You don’t want to go jamming your tongue down her throat. But, you can tease her tongue out from behind her teeth by slightly exposing yours. It’s like showing bait to a fish. Once she bites, it’s all about give and take.
  5. Know when to break the rules. Shock her by being forceful when she’s playing. Or tease her when she’s coming at you like a stampede of bulls. Kissing passionately means filling the voids when they need to be filled. It means complimenting what she’s doing. But, it also means getting your point across as well. If you want her, show her you want her.
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