How To Paste Picture In Gmail

Gmail is used as the primary email for a lot of people. Unfortunately you cannot paste a picture in Gmail directly but there are other ways to get around to doing this. Below is some information about how to paste a picture in Gmail and some great tips.

First of all there are things you cannot do:

  • You cannot insert images and pictures directly into a Gmail message. You are able to send them as an attachment but you cannot insert them into the message body.
  • You are not able to format a message using HTML.

These are some things that you are able to do and will enable you to Paste a picture in Gmail:

  1. Go to Google and sign into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on Documents at the top left.
  3. Click on Create in the top left corner.
  4. Choose Document
  5. Compose your message in the body of this document as if you were writing the actual email.
  6. Insert a picture by clicking on Insert on the toolbar then click on image. You can then choose an image on your computer or something you have found on the Web.
  7. When you are finished right click on the screen and choose Select All. Right click again and choose copy.
  8. Go back to Gmail and choose compose and right click in the body of the email and choose paste.

You can either save or not save the document you created in order to compose your email. This is an easy way to paste a picture in Gmail.



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