How To Patch An Air Mattress

You can save money if you know how to patch an air mattress. It is easy to do, and far less expensive than purchasing a brand new mattress. Purchase a patch kit at a department store or bike shop for less than five dollars, and learn how to patch an air mattress.

Gather the following items before you begin:

  • Vinyl patch kit
  • Black permanent marker
  • Air compressor or foot pump
  • Spray bottle filled with soapy water
  • Rubbing alcohol


  1. Locate the leak by inflating the air mattress using a compressor or foot pump. Spray soapy water over the surface of the air mattress, watching for bubbles which form as the air escapes through the hole. Once the hole is located draw a circle around it with the marker.
  2. Prepare the surface around the hole by wiping away the soapy water, and cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol. Remove the small section of sandpaper from the patch kit, and abrade the area around the hole.
  3. Cut out a patch from the vinyl that is approximately twice the size of the hole or tear. Make the patch round so there are no pointed edges that might later peel off.
  4. Apply vinyl cement to one side of the patch, and to the area around the hole.  Allow the cement to dry for approximately one minute. Firmly press the patch to the hole, keeping pressure on it for one minute.
  5. Inflate the air mattress to the proper pressure and check for additional leaks.

Tips: Read the instructions included in the vinyl repair kit.

Use an underwater repair kit for leaks that are submerged.

Warnings: Do not allow vinyl cement to come in contact with your skin.


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