How To Patch Company Of Heroes

If you want to learn how to patch Company of Heroes, follow these easy steps. Company of Heroes, an exciting online war game, offers a very graphic and realist look at war. Company of Heroes is an adrenalin rush that's attracted a strong following, and so patching needs to be quick and flawless.

  1. To patch “Company of Heroes” go online to for the latest patch. Patches reside on a ‘Torrent’ download and are easily accessible. Open the website and select your current game version.
  2. Click once on the “Company of Heroes” patch version (and language) you desire. A new window will open. Select "Save" to save the patch to your desktop. It will save an .exe torrent file. Once the download is complete close out of all files.
  3. Now, initiate the executable by double clicking on it on your desktop. Follow the load prompts and let the .exe do it’s thing. Once complete, you're ready to access your Company of Heroes account. Open your account and let THQ do the rest. 

Note: Patching can be a pain at times. Automatic updates are better as they run in the background or will load when you initiate play.

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