How To Patch Jeans

Want to learn about how to patch jeans? After a few years of wear, your jeans probably need to be patched up. Before you throw them away, consider repairing them yourself. Gather a few tools and learn how to patch your own jeans.

What you will need:

  • Sewing needle
  • Thread (preferably one that matches the fabric)
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Jean material (preferably that matches the fabric)
  1. Cut a piece of jean material. Cut a square of jean material that will cover the hole. Make sure it will cover the entire hole.
  2. Prepare the hole. Cut any loose strings around the hole.
  3. Pin the material to the jeans. From the inside, hold the material up to the hole until it is completely filled. While holding the material in place, pin the  material to the jeans by placing the pins around the hole horizontally. Place the pins around the hole, but not directly on the edge.
  4. Thread the needle. Cut a foot of thread and thread the needle. Pull the thread through the needle eye until the ends are even. Knot the ends to secure the stitch.
  5. Sew the material to the jeans using the back stitch. Turn the pants inside-out. Stitch the material to the jeans above the sewing pins. Important: Your stitch should be about a fourth of an inch from the edge of the hole. Push the needle through the material and the jeans and pull the needle back through a fourth of an inch away. Push the needle back into the fabric at the first point of entry. Now pull the needle through the material a fourth of an inch from the second point of entry. This is the back stitch technique; continue this process until the material is completely sewn on.
  6. Knot the stitch. At the final stitch, loop the thread of the needle around the thread of the stitch. Cut the thread and knot the ends together tightly.
  7. Make sure the patch is secure. Pull the jean around the patch and look for holes and loose areas. If you see any, stitch those areas again but you don't have to restitch the whole patch.
  8. Your jeans are now ready to wear. Patches are only temporary solutions, so the jeans won't last forever.  However, you can wear them until you are ready to buy another pair of jeans.
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