How To Patch Tubeless Bike Tires

It’s important to learn how to patch tubeless bike tires yourself to save time and money. While tubeless bike tires often receive less flats than those with tubes, they can still go flat. Using sealant on tubeless bike tires will contain air for some time but eventually the puncture in the tire will need to be fixed. Until you are able to patch the tubeless bike tire, use sealant for a temporary fix.

To learn how to patch tubeless bike tires you will need:

  •  White Chalk
  • An Empty Container
  • Damp Towel
  • Patch Glue
  • Tire Patch
  1. Patch tubeless bike tires after sealant has been used. If you have previously used sealant for your bike tire, your job of fixing a tubeless bike tire has become easier. Sealant usually collects in the leak and appears on the outside of the tire. Prior to removing the tire, look for the sealant collection on the outside of the tire and market it with a piece of white chalk. If you have not used sealant prior to patching a tubeless bike tire, you will have to examine the tire very carefully after it has been removed from the rim.
  2. Properly remove the tire from the bike rim. If you have previously used sealant, you will want to rotate the tire so the valve points up for a minute to let any sealant within the valve leak out. Afterwards, slowing bleed the air from the tire with the valve steam rotated to point downwards. After the air has fully been let out of the tire, slowly begin prying the tire from the rim by pulling the tire to one side. Next, pinch both edges of the tire firmly together, working your way around the tire. After this is complete, remove the tire from the rim using a lever. Allow the sealant to collect into an empty container.
  3. Tubeless bike tires need proper cleaning in order to be patched. After the tire is off the rim, clean the area to be repaired with a damp towel. Dry the area completely using a hair dryer or allow the area to dry in the sun for of couple days. You do not want to sand the inside of a tubeless tire.
  4. Patch tubeless bike tires with patch glue and a tire patch. After the area to be repaired has completely dried, apply patch glue to the area on the inside of the tire. Allow the glue to become a tacky texture and apply the tire patch over the glued area.
  5. Replace a tubeless tire after it has been patched. After the patch has been put in place, wipe the tire off well before pouring your sealant back into the tire. Place the patch area at the top of the tire trim and begin placing the tire back onto the rim.

Now that you have learned how to patch tubeless bike tires, here is a very important tip. To make sure the patch holds properly, inflate the tire and let the bike sit for a couple of days before riding it again. This will ensure the patch is going to hold in place properly and your leak has been fully fixed.

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