How To Patch Warcraft 3

Learning how to patch Warcraft 3 is a simple online process. patches for Blizzard games come out frequently. Patches for Warcraft ” are no different. the patches are released to support in game fixes, bugs and to upgrade the game with new content. The process for patching Warcraft 3 is elementary and will be outlined below. these patches are released by Blizzard and should not be accepted by any other website for Warcraft 3 support.

Things you will need for this:

  • Warcraft 3
  • account
  • Internet
  • Computer
  1. If you are looking to patch Warcraft 3, it must be assumed you have the proper gear and accounts for this. Patches to Warcraft ” can occur directly from your computer or through a stand-alone download. In either case you, need to use to accomplish this.
  2. First, log into your account. Select Warcraft 3. There will be an option for you to automatically download the patch from your account to your computer. You may chose this option. Otherwise, select the download patch option to your computer. Once downloaded you can activate by double clicking on the icon and following the instructions.
  3. You can select which patch you want to download as a standalone. Be sure that you are downloading the right patch and install it per the instructions. Once this is complete, the new gameplay events or fixes will be in place. The game is ready to play.

Note: you can set up your account to auto download patches in the background during play as well. These instructions can be found at as well.

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