How To Pay For Bad Credit On Equifax

If you are trying to fix you credit, then you might wonder how to pay for bad credit on Equifax reported items. At first it might seem a bit complicated, but it is an easy process that can be done without the use of a financial counselor. So, if you are ready to learn how to pay for bad credit on Equifax, then read on.

To pay for bad credit on Equifax, you will need:

  • Internet Access
  • Pen and Paper
  • Telephone
  • Envelopes and Postage Stamps
  • Past Financial Account Information
  1. Request a Report – The first step of how to pay for bad credit on Equifax is to request the credit report. Options to retrieve the report include:

    • Internet: 
    • Telephone: 1- 800-685-1111
    • Snail Mail:  Equifax Information Services LLC, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374
  2. Check it Out – Look at your Equifax report. Observing the report for errors is part of performing how to pay for bad credit on Equifax process. Errors found on the statement can be disputed by contacting Equifax by mail or online.
  3. List the Information – Write down all delinquent accounts found on the report you requested for how to pay for bad credit on Equifax. The list should include: creditors (including original), dollar amounts and contact data.
  4. Pay It – Use a money order or cashiers check to send payments to all damaged accounts while performing how to pay for bad credit on Equifax statement. An additional option of performing how to pay for bad credit on Equifax is accessing the creditor’s website or payments using wire services such as Western Union.
  5. Celebrate – Congratulations! You have completed your goal of learning how to pay for bad credit on Equifax, therefore improving your financial status


  • One free Equifax report can be requested yearly from
  • Personal questions may be asked to verify identity
  • Cashier’s checks can be bought at banks and other financial institutions


  • It may take a few months for credit report to reflect account changes
  • Do not give creditors access to banking account information



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