How To Pay Mortgage With Credit Card

It's not difficult to know how to pay your mortgage with a credit card. Most companies accept all major credit cards, and this includes your mortgage company. Keep in mind when considering paying your house payment, or entire mortgage, via credit card the annual percentage rate on the card. The last thing you want to do is credit more debt than you can handle.

In order to pay your mortgage with credit card you will need:

  • Credit Card
  • Telephone
  • Mortgage Statement
  1. Review your monthly mortgage statement. Most mortgage companies send a statement to you each month that details your monthly payment, your escrow account, and how much you have remaining on your mortgage.
  2. Contact your mortgage company. Call your mortgage company and tell them you would like to pay the mortgage with credit card. Most companies will take payment over the phone via check or credit card; however, depending on the company, you should be prepared to pay an additional fee for the phone payment. It's possible that your company also takes payment via the Internet, consider checking online to see if there is a fee to pay that way.
  3. Give the representative the credit card information. The mortgage company representative will ask you for your credit card number, the expiration date, and how your name appears on the credit card. Some companies also need to have the security code on the back of your card to process the payment.
  4. Get your confirmation number. Once the payment is processed, the representative will give you a confirmation number to confirm that your payment was made. Write this number on your monthly statement, and retain the statement for your records.
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