How To Penetrate The Vagina With Your Tongue While Doing 69

Learning how to penetrate the vagina while doing 69 can be a matter of trial and error in the most erotic moments, ultimately killing the sexy mood. If you’re planning on heading to that end of the bed, read a bit about the logistical problems presented by the 69 position and learn how you can overcome them to provide and receive extraordinary pleasure.

  1. Choose a position. While the 69 position is oft referred to, it actually can be carried out in three separate ways: man on top, woman on top, on your side. Each position has different advantages and drawbacks. It’s usually best to start out on your side if you’re new to the 69 position, but if you’re having particular trouble reaching your partner with your tongue you might want to start on top as that variation gives you the best angle.
  2. Understand your partner’s anatomy. The most important thing you can study to improve your 69 skills is your partner’s body, in particular, her vagina and the area around it. Don’t underestimate the sensitivity of your lady’s thighs, labia and vagina. You will have the most luck with your tongue if you get your partner all hot and bothered first, making your destination easier to reach and enter with your tongue.
  3. Start with yourself. While it might be tempting to navigate putting yourself in your partner’s mouth first, it’s a better idea to begin the 69 position by licking your partner’s vagina with your tongue. The penis can be moved to more angles than a vagina making it easier for your partner, regardless of the position, to reach you than it is for you to reach her. As with any sex position, remember that the best ways to get better are to practice and communicate.
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