How To Penetrate Vagina

Knowing how to penetrate the vagina is a very important aspect of sex. For some guys, there is the problem of getting too rough and forcing himself in, while on the other hand, some guys can't even find where to stick it; in either case, the penetration of  the vagina plays a vital role in how the rest of intercourse will go. This article outlines some of the basics in vagina penetration.

  1. How experienced is she? In looking how to penetrate a vagina, it is important to know the experience of your partner. Obviously. if she has not played the field much, she will be a little more susceptible to pain and discomfort; as a result, it is up to you to ensure you remain gentle and aware of any potential discomfort you might be causing her, watch her reactions.
  2. Slow down turbo! Ease up. Whether your partner is experienced or not, it is always good to start at a semi-gentle pace. There are times when starting off at a grueling pace is kosher, but for the most part start things off with ease. After both partners have been warmed up, feel free to pick up the pace and vary often to keep her guessing; but always take care with the initial penetration.
  3. Mind the lubrication. When penetrating a vagina, it is vital to ensure there is adequate lubrication. Whether it is her own natural lubrication, or a product, you want to make sure there is a low amount of friction to make it comfortable for both you, and especially her. The less experienced she is, the more lubrication might be necessary to accommodate for how tight she is.

In all, when looking into how to penetrate vagina, first and foremost be thinking of her comfort. Be aware of how tight she is, as well as how lubricated the area is. In doing so, you will ensure that there is little to no discomfort when penetrating which will assist in promoting a good sexual experience for the both of you.

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