How To Perform Eyebrow Grooming For Men

It can be tricky to know how to perform eyebrow grooming for men. It's a task that some men aren’t comfortable doing or feel embarrassed to have done professionally. Yet good eyebrow grooming can enhance your overall appearance and give a much more well-groomed look to your face. Eyebrow grooming can be challenging the first time, but it will soon become quick and easy to do at home.

To perform eyebrow grooming for men, you will need:

  • Tweezers
  • A mirror
  • A pencil or pen
  • Small scissors (like manicure scissors)
  1. Shower first. Grooming your brows is often less painful if you take a hot shower or bath before tweezing. This will open your pores and help the hairs come out easily. If you’re still worried about the pain of grooming your brows, you can try using ice to numb them first or taking a mild painkiller before you begin.

  2. Get in front of a mirror. You will want to be at a mirror to groom your brows. Be careful to stand close enough that you can see the hairs, but step back to get a look at the overall shape of your brows so you don’t go overboard.

  3. Figure out the boundaries. For most people, the inside edge of your eyebrows should be even with the inside of your eye. One trick is to hold a pen or pencil vertically at the inside corner of your eye to see where your brows should end. Tip the pen or pencil and line it up diagonally from the base of your nose to the outside corner of your eye. The outer edge of your eyebrow should be right along this line.

  4. Tweeze. Grip the base of each individual hair with your tweezers and use short, quick pulls to pluck them out. Be careful not to grab any skin and to work slowly so you don’t thin your eyebrows too much. Most men will simply want to clean the area up, not do any serious brow shaping. Pluck hairs that fall inside and outside of the lines you identified with your pen or pencil. Next, pluck any hairs that fall significantly outside of your brows, higher on your forehead or close to the eye.

  5. Rinse and check. Rinse your face with water to remove stray hairs. Step back and check to make sure your eyebrows are symmetrical. If there are any hairs in your eyebrows that are significantly longer than the rest, you can carefully trim the ends with your scissors. You will want to groom your eyebrows about once a week to maintain them.

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