How To Perform Foreplay Breast Rubs

Knowing how to perform foreplay breast rubs will help get your partner much more aroused, leading to hotter, more satisfying sex. The breasts are a very sensitive part of the female anatomy, and they should not be ignored during foreplay. Giving an arousing breast rub should be an integral part of performing foreplay.

  1. Set the mood for foreplay. Dim the lights and put on some relaxing music. Light a few candles to further enhance the mood. You want her to get the idea as soon as she walk in.
  2. Get her nice and relaxed. Lay her gently on the bed and remove her shirt and bra. This can be a vulnerable position for some woman, so tell her how amazing she looks right away.
  3. Use long strokes. Rub her breasts very gently and tenderly at first, using exaggerated strokes. Gradually, increase the pressure and cup the breasts in your hands, massaging with your palm.
  4. Be gentle with the nipples. The nipples are very sensitive and should not be ignored in foreplay. Rubbing them can get your partner very aroused. But be careful not to over-stimulate them. Focus on the area of the breast right around the nipple and use your fingertips to rub them.
  5. Ask for feedback. As you perform the foreplay breast rub, ask her how she’s enjoying it. Also, pay attention to the nonverbal feedback. If she squirms a little under harder pressure, ease off and go back to gently rubbing her breasts. If she lets out a pleasure moan, you know you’re doing something right.
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