How To Perform A Groin Kick

Want to learn how to perform a groin kick? In martial arts, the groin kick is considered the easiest kick to execute. Performing a groin kick is similar to kicking a football. In fact, the person doing a front kick can even picture a football as a target. The only difference is the groin kick is performed with a bent knee followed by a leg extension instead of a straight knee throughout as in football.

  1. Keep One Leg Back: The leg chosen to go behind you should be the strongest leg. Individuals who predominantly use their right hand will be more comfortable using their right leg for a groin kick so keep this leg behind you as you prepare for contact. Individuals can use their left leg if it is more comfortable for them to kick with it.
  2. Bring Back Leg Forward: Take your strongest leg out from behind you and bring it in front of you. Bend at the knee. Your knee should be at waist level.
  3. Extend The Leg: Straighten out the leg but avoid making the knee stiff as this can cause self-injury. This motion should be quick and seamless, because the element of surprise is very important when a person defends themselves from an attacker.
  4. Make Contact with the Groin: Kick the groin with the ball or heel of the foot if barefooted or wearing light footwear. Use the heel of the foot if heavy footwear such as boots are worn. Make sure the toes are pointed up to avoid injuring them.
  5. Bring Leg Back To Standing Position: This should be done quickly to avoid having an attacker grab the leg. Just point the foot toward the ground and swiftly bring it back to the floor.

In martial arts, the groin kick is taught as a self defense method; often beginners perform exercises to make the balls of the feet stronger. This technique is frequently used to fight off an attacker but it is only effective when the attacker is surprised. Make sure the attacker is not expecting the move and perform the groin kick in one swift movement.



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