How To Perform Men Kegel Workout

Learning how to perform men's kegel workouts will allow you to tone the pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle.  It will help strengthen the PC muscle, which is located along the pelvic floor, or the area under the pelvis.  Strengthening the PC muscle through kegel exercises has been linked to helping urinary incontinence and sexual performance, the latter in sustained control of the timing of an orgasm.  Take the following considerations into account to perform a kegel workout.

  1. Identify the PC muscle in your body.  The kegel workout will consist of contracting a muscle, which we will need to locate first.  It is the same contraction used if you were to try to stop during urination.  Try this if you need further identification.
  2. Squeeze the PC muscle.  Begin by squeezing the PC muscle.  Hold the contraction to about five to ten seconds.
  3. Repeat to a specific number of reps.  With a few second in between each kegel rep, continue to a number of reps, such as ten. 
  4. Obtain consistency in your kegel workout.  Roughly three sets of ten kegel reps a day is ideal.  Try to do these everyday.  You will find that it becomes easier to perform the workout; you can try variations or simply squeeze harder to enhance the PC muscle. 
  5. Stick to your kegel workouts in the long term.  It may take three to six weeks to start seeing improvement in your kegel workout.  Stick to this long term in order to benefit, and remember that not working with your kegel workout can undo prior progress.


Kegel Exercises for Men

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