How To Photograph Shoes

How to photograph shoes really depends on what the photos will be used for. Are you trying to clear out some closet space and make a little cash on the side and need killer pictures or do you just want to show your friends your latest find? Whatever the reason, there are a few good ways to photograph those shoes that will get your point across. A few good suggestions, have a flat surface, a white or light sheet, and of course your camera.

Let us begin with the set up to photograph your shoes and really show them off.

  1. Cover your surface with the sheet. Make sure there is nothing else that can be seen when you photograph shoes. This happened to me once and people were focused more on the background "things" and less on the highlighted object.
  2. Why are you taking a photograph of the shoes? If you are trying to make some cash, it would be best to take a picture of the label in the shoe, as well as the bottom so potential customers can see how worn they are. Then prop one shoe up on the other so that you can see a shoe profile; profiles are important.
  3. Is this for your friends? If you just want to show off the pair of high end shoes you just got, there are lots of ways to do this. You can photograph the shoes on your lovely feet, you can set them on top of the box, or set them side by side. The possibilities really are endless.

Before you photograph shoes, keep in mind our creative side and have fun with it.  Although you may not be a photographer at heart, you can still photograph shoes in a way that will help to get your point across.

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