How To Pick-Up Girls On The Beach

If you live in driving distance to the beach, you need to know how to pick up girls on the beach. Picking up girls on the beach is a technique that has been around for a long time. Whether you are tanned, toned and an avid surfer, or lily white, lanky and hairless, picking up girls on the beach is possible. How many times have you walked by a hot chick on the beach and not said anything at all? Come on let us change that. Following a few tips and tricks may help pick up girls on the beach in no time at all.

  1. Dress accordingly to go to the beach. It is not cool to prance around in a pair of Speedos. This may be okay if you are in the swim team, however when you are on the beach and trying to pick up girls, wearing a Speedo is a not a good idea. Forget the big floppy hat as well. Perhaps consider wearing a visor instead. If you are pale and hope to cover up that bird chest, slip on a sleeveless t-shirt, especially if you have toned muscles to show off. One last thing, forget the socks and running shoes. Purchase a pair of flip-flops that are currently in style.
  2. Take your dog to the beach. Okay, not all girls like dogs, however if you are running down the beach with a dog in tow, throwing a Frisbee to Fido in the ocean, girls typically dig this. If they do not dig it at first, the dog will surely catch their attention. Once you get their attention, the rest is up to you. Laugh, run, pet the dog and show your admiration to your best friend. Girls will respect your caring nature and may be willing to agree to a date. There is no need to stress over picking the girls up at the beach – allow Fido to help you along the way.
  3. Play a game of Frisbee. Gather a few friends and begin throwing the Frisbee back and forth. Notice a girl or group of girls bathing in the sun nearby. More than likely, they have noticed you as well. How can they not watching you run around shirtless? Casually walk over and ask a girl to play a round of Frisbee. Be confident. The girl may shy away at first if she thinks you are trying to pick her up, however it is the beach and throwing the Frisbee is a common game played on the beach.
  4. Apply suntan lotion to a girl's back. Whether you are in a group having fun at the beach or walking by and notice a girl sunbathing in a cute bikini, offer to apply lotion. She may tell you to get lost or it may be your lucky day and you may find yourself lathering the lotion in your hands. Be sure to avoid getting near her backside, as you do not want to frighten her. Begin your pick up line, but do so casually. For instance, ask her if she wants to hang out with you and drink a few beers that you have in the cooler. You will notice right away if she is interested or if she rather you keep walking.
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