How To Pick Up Girls At A Party

Learn how to pick up girls at a party so you can take home who you want to and be with who you want to be with. You can choose from many different approaches to meeting girls at parties and making them like you. Some people choose to be nice, some choose to be funny, and some even choose to be mean or indifferent. No matter what approach, if it is done correctly and the girl is in your league, then you will stand a good chance of picking her up.

Tip: Before you even start trying to pick up girls at a party, you need to realize some things. If you are really unattractive, then do not set your standards so high that you always go for the hottest girl in the room or at the party. You are only setting yourself up for failure. Before you attempt to go after the prettiest girls, you need to practice and boost your confidence. Women love a guy with confidence, and the best way to work on building your confidence is by actually picking girls up instead of being rejected.

  1. To pick up girls at a party try being funny and witty. Most girls like intelligent guys and almost all girls like funny ones. So by combining these two things, you will stand a pretty good chance of picking up a girl at a party. Try cracking jokes about something or someone at the party. If someone is completely trashed, then throw a couple of funny insults his or her way to make everyone laugh. This will catch the girl’s attention and you can take it from there.
  2. Try being nice to girls to pick them up at a party. When you introduce yourself, ask her questions about her and her life. Do not focus only on yourself, although you should throw in information about your life when she asks. However, you need to remember that the goal is to pick up girls instead of dating them. If you want to date her then keep being nice and throwing her compliments. If you want to take her home then know when to draw the line.
  3. Once you have caught the girl’s attention try acting a little indifferent. Hopefully you have made her interested in you by now, and if you show her that you are not completely interested in her then she will probably want to make you interested. If she comes and talks to you again while you are talking to another girl or some buddies then you know you stand a pretty good chance of picking this girl up at the party.
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