How To Pick Up Motorcycle

Learning how to pick up a motorcycle is something every rider should do. Even the best riders drop their motorcycle occasionally. While dropping your motorcycle might be a bit embarrassing, with a few tips you 'll be able to pick up your motorcycle and be on your way in no time.

To pick up your motorcycle, you'll need:

  • gloves
  • boots or shoes with rubber soles
  • piece of cloth
  1. Put on your gloves.  Do not attempt to lift the motorcycle unless you have on shoes or boots that can grip the road. If the motorcycle is on its left side, put the stand down.
  2. Use the engine cutoff switch located on the right hand grip to stop the engine. Turn off the ignition with the key.
  3. Make sure the motorcycle is in gear. If it is not, then use something to tie down the front brake. The brake must be engaged or the motorcycle will roll while you’re trying to pick it up.
  4. Check the ground for traction. Gravel, oil, water and grass can all cause you to slip and injure yourself. If there is grass or gravel, try to clear the surface with your boot until it feels solid. For water, brush away as much as you can with your boot. Sprinkle sand or dirt over any oil to provide more traction.
  5. Position your rear end on the middle of the seat. Pull the grip that fell closest to the ground as close to the tank as possible. Use your other hand to find something to grab under the seat, but don't grab anything that will break or bend easily. Try to keep your hand close to your body.
  6. Move your rear end so that it is in the middle of the seat. If you’re too high or too low, you will not be able to get enough leverage. You'll be pushing against the seat to pick up your motorcycle.
  7. Put your feet close together with your knees bent. Your legs will be doing most of the lifting while your arms will be guiding the motorcycle.  Press your legs into the ground as you slowly pick up the motorcycle. Be careful to not push the motorcycle too hard or too quickly because you might push it onto the other side. If the motorcycle fell on the right side, put the stand down.
  8. Lower the motorcycle onto the stand. Wipe down your motorcycle to remove any fluids that may have leaked. Take a few moments to check for any other damage to your motorcycle.


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