How To Pick Up Nigerian Women

Nigerian women are chocolate-covered goddesses. They have soulful eyes, thick hair and lusciously full lips. Whether slim and graceful or short and volupt, they are full of sensuality that many Western cultures cannot emulate. Though relatively easy to lust after them, learning how to pick up Nigerian women is no easy feat. Many are from highly traditional cultures with varying old school values that many still stand behind. Here's a primer to picking up Nigerian women. 

  1. Understand your intentions. Nigerian women are taught to look for husbands as soon as they reach puberty. Even if your beautiful Nigerian woman is Americanized and doesn't intentionally seek a direct route to the altar, make no mistake that this is on her mind. Don't waste her time, or yours, if you're looking for a quick roll in the hay, as chances are it's not going to happen. 
  2. Be upfront about how serious you are. She's beautiful and you just met, but you have to let her know how she's one of the most beautiful Nigerian women you've ever met and that you're attracted to her enough to ask her out for some coffee or to a play. Nigerian women are usually highly selective of their mates and don't have time for games; remember, they're very marriage-minded and want to see a man demonstrate maturity and a desire for the same goals. 
  3. Learn about her culture. Nigerian culture is as varied as American culture. There are different types of Nigerian cultures, and you want to understand as much of her culture as possible in order to put your best foot forward. Take a few minutes to ask her about the traditional dating and societal customs and listen for key points. Anything she tends to repeat or speak of at length is a sign that this is important to her. Use her words to your advantage; without realizing it, she's told you how to capture her heart. 
  4. Tell her you're interested in starting a family, and possibly soon after marriage. Nigerian cultures, especially Igbo, truly value marriage for many reasons, with bearing children at the top of the list. Many Nigerian names attest to this; Nwakasi, for example, means "children are precious and priceless." Announcing your desire to have children creates great interest from Nigerian women eager to prove their value by having children. 
  5. Demonstrate your eligibility as a stable mate. Iba nammuo – of the walk into the spirit world – is a tradition many Nigerian men undertake as a rite of passage. Meant to be psychologically and emotionally taxing, it goes without saying that the goal is to ensure you're an emotionally stable man who can keep his thoughts and his business intact. Don't react emotionally out of control with a Nigerian babe, and show her you're financially stable with a good job in order to gain favor with her. 
  6. Devote yourself to her – at first. Monogamy is highly practiced in Nigerian cultures, but polygamy is also allowed. However, what woman would make the choice to date a man who seems unable or unwilling to control his loins for all the wrong and selfish reasons? Practice monogamous behavior until you discuss dating or potentially marrying another woman with her. 
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