How To Pick Up A Stripper

How to pick up a stripper is a question many men ask to fulfill their dream of leaving a club with an exotic dancer. While some men dismiss this as just fantasy, there are those who feel they have what it takes to pick up a stripper. It isn’t just something that happens in the movies and normal men are able to achieve the conquest of picking up a stripper from a club all the time.

What you will need to pick up a stripper:

  • A look
  • A female friend
  • A stripper that has caught your attention
  • Money (incase there is a cover and for drinks)
  • Confidence


  1. Have a look. Not to make strippers sound shallow but appearance is important to them. This doesn’t mean you have to be the most attractive man in the club but you need a polished look that makes a statement about who you are. Strippers are very aware of how to make their appearance send a message. She’ll be reading your look to see what kind of message it sends.
  2. Bring a female friend with you. Strippers love having other women around. Women are social creatures and she’s in a club with only men, besides other strippers that are her competition for customers. By bringing a female friend with you, you have just provided her with a gal pal. She will also feel the need to fight for you attention on a friendly level.
  3. Timing is everything. Never go during a peak time such as Thursday through Saturday night. Your dream stripper will be busy during those times and will not have time to socialize. If you do happen to end up at the club during a busy time don’t try to approach her. Instead sit in the back and just visit with your friends.  
  4. Don’t be labeled a customer. If she labels you as a customer, then that is all you are ever going to be to her. From the moment you're in the club you, she’ll be watching. It might not actually be her but she’ll get wind of whatever you do. Try immediately going to the back of the club or to the bar. If you have your female friend with you, buy her a drink and even give her money if she wants to go tip the dancers. Don’t watch your friend though. Instead have a conversation with the bartender and make sure you tip well. Making friends with other workers at the club (but not strippers) will help give you allies and increase your value to her.
  5. Plan your approach. At some point you will have to approach your stripper or talk to her when she approaches you. Make sure she is not busy during this time and don’t ask for a lap dance. Instead offer to buy her a drink or better yet ask her if she wants something like a bottle of water. Keep in mind she is at work and many strippers don’t actually like to drink at the club.
  6. Have something to say. Try not to talk her ear off but make sure you can carry on a conversation with her. Strippers are used to having to endure dull conversations from customers so make sure your visit doesn’t become that. Try to engage her and have a true conversation.
  7. Know where to take her after hours. So it’s happened. You’ve gotten to know the people at the club she works in and have had a few conversations. Now what? It’s time to ask her if she wants to grab a drink after her shift. It doesn’t have to be a drink though. In fact asking her if she wants to go get a cup of coffee or something to eat might be better. Whatever you decide make sure you have a place in mind. Set yourself up as someone that is “in the know” by making statements like, “You should try the sushi at this place with me.” Or “I know a place where the food I amazing.”  This will give you added authority in her eyes.
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