How To Pick Up Strippers

Knowing how to pick up strippers requires some finesse and tact. It might seem like this is daunting, given how many men they meet, but you can be successful with taking home a stripper if you play your cards right.

  1. Be kind. To up strippers, you must be ready to treat them with respect. Strippers are used to men pawing all over them and treating them like objects of desire. You must show a stripper that you are a nice guy and that you will treat her well should she spend some time with you.
  2. Be confident. Some guys might be intimidated trying to pick up a stripper, because strippers seemingly have their pick of men to go home with. To pick up strippers, you must exude an air of confidence about yourself that is short of arrogance but still shows that you are comfortable in your skin…and would like to be comfortable in hers.
  3. Father figure. Though some strippers are bright girls who are genuinely working their way through college, most are young women from troubled backgrounds and without a strong family foundation. One doesn’t have to be Sigmund Freud to understand that in a lot of cases, strippers are looking for men to be a bit of father figure to them. In order to pick up strippers, it helps to be a little older, to be stable and secure and to exhibit a fatherly caring for the girl.
  4. Flash the dough. Strippers have been conditioned to respond very well to cash. If you let them know that you are financially secure and willing to spend some of your money on them, they’ll be much easier prey for you. To pick up strippers, don’t be afraid to part with a little bit of money.
  5. Get in shape. Strippers are in a profession where the upkeep and care of their body is very important. They are, therefore, looking for the same in a guy, and they get to bump and grind against well-built guys every night. If you are going to pick up strippers and hope to compete with these other dudes, you’ve got to tighten your abs and build the biceps.



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