How To Pick A Suit

Learning how to pick a suit will make it easier to narrow down the numerous choices. When you pick the right suit, you'll know right away. The suit should fit snugly and make you feel instantly powerful. Here are a few things to consider when you pick a suit and consider the various available styles.

  1. Determine how many buttons you prefer in the suit. The traditional suits with two buttons are most common. A two button suit demonstrates professionalism because of its conservative fit. A one button suit works as well and tends to be a bit trendier. Three button suits are also stylish but not as common. Try a couple of different styles to determine your preference.
  2. Consider the type of vents that you want in your suit. Traditional vents are on the middle, while double vents are at the sides of the back of the jacket. Determine which cut flatters you more. Try on both styles to see which one has the best fit.
  3. Bring someone with you when picking a suit. Bringing another person along will help you narrow down your choices. Remember, the salesperson wants to sell you a suit, but you need to buy the one with the best fit. Having another person with you ensures that you leave with the right suit.
  4. Try on the jacket. Make sure the back of the jacket is flat and the shoulders match perfectly; if they don't, then you have the wrong size. If the shoulder area falls past the shoulders, then the jacket is too big. If it rides up in the back or the sleeves barely hit your wrist, then the jacket is too small. The jacket should fit comfortably snug, but not too tight. The proper fit of the jacket really determines if the size is right.
  5. Spend the money to buy the right suit. A suit is an investment. Consider going to higher end stores when buying your suit. Not only will the suit fit better, but they usually have tailors on staff that can alter your suit for you. Remember, the suit says a lot about you. You want the suit that you pick to say cool and powerful, not cheap and tacky.


Learning how to pick a suit seems overwhelming at first, but after while, it's easy. Picking the right suit requires time and patience. Once you find the right fit, you’ll know, because it will make you feel like a million bucks. That’s when you know that you’ve learned how to pick a suit.

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