How To Pick Up Women In Bars

Nightclubs and bars are two good spots to meet women, but you may want to learn key tips on how to pick up women in bars to make sure that your tactics are effective. 

  1. Avoid pick-up lines.  If you want to pick up women in bars, do not subscribe to cheesy pick-up lines which you have heard before or have seen in the Internet.  These lines can be offensive to many women, and you are likely to leave empty-handed.  
  2. Be confident but not cocky.  A key to pick up women in bars is to have high self-esteem without being too full of yourself.  Carry yourself with an air of confidence, while avoiding cocky behaviors like boasting.
  3. Don't be so desperate. Women appreciate men who are friendly but not desperate.  If you want to pick up women in bars, do not appear to be begging them for their numbers.  Also, anything more than a gentle touch on the forearm is risky if you are not sure how interested the woman is. You may come off as creepy or even sexually aggressive if you show no constraints after a few drinks. 
  4. Focus. Don't try to pick up too many women in one night; it will only be counter-productive as women will talk among each other.  To successfully pick up women in bars, you will need to focus on only a few who you are really interested in.  Even though it seems logical for you to diverse your "investment," it will be more effective for you if you are not greedy.
  5. Wingmen.  Very few women go to bars alone.  Thus, to pick up women in bars, you will need some loyal friends who will talk to other women in the group.  Make sure that your guy friends are being friendly and polite, because if your target's friends do not enjoy their company, your chance of succeed will decrease significantly. 

Tip: Learning how to pick up women in bars is not as difficult as it may seem.  Understand that these women are only human beings like you and they too want attention, as long as you don't rub them the wrong way.

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