How To Pick Up Women In Spanish

Sure, you're a ladies man, but do you know how to pick up women in Spanish? Spanish women are some of the most beautiful ladies in the world complimented by their romantic culture and exotic mystery. Don't get me wrong, English and American women are equally beautiful, but Spanish and Latin women don't always get their fair share of attention in our media. Not only will you learn to pick up women in Spanish, we'll also teach you a thing or two about their culture (to look even more cosmopolitan and impressive).

Look over what you will need to seduce women in Spanish:

  • Money to attend Spanish courses (anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars)
  • Spanish dictionary
  1. In order to attract women in Spanish, you will need to learn a bit of the language. Luckily for you, Spanish is not all that different from English. Both Spanish and English are descended from the Germanic languages and carry many similar concepts in their sentence construction. A formal class is recommended, but for the average chap whose short on cash (there's a lot of us out there), Wikibooks provides a good introduction to Spanish for free (albeit less reliable).
  2. Study Spanish culture. This can vary depending on what "Spanish" you are talking about. Latin America, for example, has a very different culture from both Mexico and Spain. Many Spanish language courses also teach culture as a side note, which can save you both time and money (leading you one step closer to seducing women in Spanish).
  3. Know where to meet Spanish women. Latinas are an ethnic group full of different cultural identities and there is no "one place" where you can meet all of the Spanish speaking women in your city. That being said, there still are typical places where Spanish (or Mexican) culture tends to emphasize as a place for women to go; every culture has designated "gender hangouts," if you will. Many Hispanic and Latin women prefer carnicerias, which are the equivalent of an American grocery store, albeit more natural. Others are more vibrant and active, attending local salsa classes. Then again, sometimes just going to a club with Mexican, Latin, Puerto Rican or Spanish roots will most certainly work for you. As with any club, always have friends at your side and play it safe.
  4. Rehearse some quick phrases in Spanish. The way you pick up women in Spanish is to actually utilize the language! "Como estas, hermosa?" translates into "How are you, beautiful?" "No se" means "I don't know"–you will find yourself saying this a lot to a Hispanic woman. Yet, with a lot of romantic phrases in Spanish at your side, you'll surely have a chance.
  5. Take charge! When people say that "fiery Latinas" like it when a man is bold, they really do. Romantic languages such as Spanish, French or Italian tend to rely on male-female attraction in a romantic, mysterious and bold way. Show some confidence and you will surely get her info. Oh, by the way, "Cual es tu numero?" translates directly into "What is your number?" Good luck on catching women in Spanish, my friend!

Whether you want to know how to pick up women in Spanish to romanticize your girlfriend or find a new mate out there, you will love the language. The outgoing, personable and family-oriented nature of the Hispanic cultures will entrance you, not to mention sucker you into seducing women in Spanish. Hopefully, with this guide, a few prayers and some clases de Espanol at your side, picking up women in Spanish will be secondhand nature in no time at all!

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