How To Pierce Your Belly Button

Are you wondering how to pierce your belly button before bathing suit season? Belly button, or navel, piercings should only be performed by a licensed, professional body piercer in a shop. A professional piercer takes steps to ensure your safety when you pierce your belly button and provides you with the knowledge on how to take care of it.

To pierce your belly button, you will need:

  • State issued identification
  • Cash
  1. Take a shower. Even though the piercer cleans the belly button and surrounding skin before the piercing, the less bacteria on your skin the better. Scrub your belly button in the shower and remove any lint or debris with a cotton swab.
  2. Dress in old clothing. Blood is a possibility when piercing your belly button. Wear a shirt that you won't mind if it stains.
  3. Eat a meal. Eating before you pierce your belly button prevents you from feeling lightheaded before, during or after the piercing.
  4. Leave the entourage at home. Take only one friend or family member with you. A group of people staring at you while you are on the piercing chair will only increase any anxiety or fear you are feeling. Most piercers do not allow more than one guest in a piercing room during the procedure and having to choose between friends might cause some tension.
  5. Bring your identification and money. Professional shops require state issued identification from every piercee. Call the shop beforehand to inquire about the price for you to pierce your belly button. Bring that amount, along with extra cash for a tip for the piercer.
  6. Allow the piercer to view your anatomy. A large percentage of people cannot receive a belly button piercing because of the shape of the belly button. A professional piercer wil take you to a private room and check the belly button before you fill out paperwork to see if the belly button is suitable. If a piercer does not check out your belly button before you fill out paperwork, chances are he or she is not a professional or is not educated in anatomy.
  7. Follow the piercer's instructions. Breathe the way piercer instructs you to during the piercing. Professional piercers perform this procedure for a living and know what will help you through the procedure.
  8. Ask questions. Even though a professional piercer explains aftercare of the belly button piercing to you, you may be confused about certain information. Always ask the piercer instead of listening to friends or family members. Your friend or family member may have a couple of piercings, but this does not constitute them as an authority on belly button piercings.

Your belly button jewelry cannot be changed during the initial healing period. Pick a piece of jewelry, such as one that looks a diamond, that matches a majority of your wardrobe or bathing suits. This will prevent the desire to change the jewelry too early and create unnecessary irritation after you pierce your belly button.

Swimming is not possible with a healing belly button piercing. Plan your piercing after a vacation or during the winter time. A waterproof bandage is an option for healing belly button piercings that will be immersed in a pool or hot tub.

Keep your hands off of the belly button piercing during healing and after. Hands introduce bacteria into your belly button piercing, causing infection or irritation.

Never attempt a belly button piercing on yourself or anyone else. Only allow professionals to pierce you.

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