How To Pierce Your Ears

You can learn how to pierce your ears at home by following a few simple steps. While it’s advised that you seek the assistance of a certified professional for piercing, the ear lobes are fairly easy to pierce by yourself without the use of a piercing gun. It does pose certain risks, piercing your ears at home, but you can learn how to pierce your ears safely.

In order to learn how to pierce your ears, you’ll need a few basic supplies:

  • A sterile needle for piercing
  • Ice
  • An apple wedge
  • A sterile earring
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  • Petroleum based lubricant
  1. Safely learn how to pierce your ears at home with proper cleaning. Prior to piercing your ear, the ear lobe needs to be cleaned with alcohol using a cotton ball. Clean both the front and back of the ear lobe. Make sure the needle you’re using for the piercing is sterile, as well as the earring you’ll be using. You can buy these pre-packaged (which is best), but you can also hold the needle and earring in a flame with needle nosed pliers until they glow red.
  2. Once you’ve properly cleaned the ear and sterilized the needle and earring, you are ready to learn how to pierce your ears. To begin the piercing process, hold ice on the front and back of the ear lobe for at least one minute. This will numb the area and make it easier to pierce.
  3. Now you’re reading for the piercing process. Before piercing your ear, place the apple edge behind the ear lobea potatoes wedge can be substituted if an apple isn’t available. The apple will keep the ear lobe from tearing and will make it easier to guide the needle through.
  4. Piercing the ear is a simple process. Using the sterile needle, simply press the needle all the way through the ear lobe until it punctures the apple. This shouldn’t cause excessive pain or bleeding.
  5. Now that you’ve pierced the ear, gently remove the needle. Place a small dab of lubricant on the earring and gently guide it through the hole. The lubrication will make it much easier to insert the earring.

Now that you’ve learned how to pierce your ears, you can begin the healing process. It generally takes the ears one to two months to heal. It’s best to not remove the earrings during this time unless it’s absolutely necessary. Clean the piercing twice daily with a cotton ball and antiseptic soap. If irritation occurs, either switch the earring to a different metal or remove the piercing completely.


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