How To Pierce Your Eyebrow

A needle in your eyeball is the last thing you want when wondering how to pierce your eyebrow. Attempting to pierce your eyebrow yourself could result in damage to your eye, not to mention contracting a bacterial infection or disease along with the damage. Finding a professional piercer that sterilizes instruments, needles and jewelry is the best bet for when you decide to pierce your eyebrow .

  1. Take a tour of local tattoo and piercing shops. Ask questions about sterilization, procedure and jewelry options. Inquire about the aftercare the piercer provides and the steps involved for cleaning the area around where you pierce your eyebrow .
  2. Take care of your body. The night before you pierce your eyebrow, do not drink alcohol and sleep for at least eight hours. Eat a large meal before your eyebrow piercing appointment to prevent feeling dizzy or fainting. Avoid aspirin and caffeine because these products thin your blood.
  3. Bring state issued identification. Professional piercing shops follow state law. A piercer checks the age on your identification and copies the card onto a release form before performing the piercing. If you are under eighteen, call the shop and find out all of the paperwork necessary that you and a parent need to bring.

  4. Be honest on the release form. Piercers have you fill out a legal document, called a release form, for several reasons. The document not only protects the piercer and the shop if you do not take care of your piercing, but also alerts the piercer to any potential problems you may have during the procedure or while healing the eyebrow piercing.

  5. Visit your doctor before the piercing shop. If you have diabetes, hepatitis, HIV or AIDS, obtain a written note detailing that you can heal an eyebrow piercing. Some piercers refuse to pierce people with immune deficiency disorders without written permission from a doctor.

  6. Listen to your piercer. Follow the aftercare guidelines the piercer give you to the letter. Just because your friends put dirty hands all over eyebrow piercings, doesn’t mean that you should. Remember that your piercer knows best, after all, the piercer is a professional.

Eyebrow piercings swell for the first two weeks of healing. A professional piercer inserts jewelry during the piercing to allow for this swelling. Some people swell more than others and taking an anti-inflammatory during the healing period will reduce the swelling after you pierce your eyebrow . When changing shirts, be mindful of your eyebrow piercing to prevent ripping or tearing the jewelry out.

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