How To Pierce Your Own Lip

You are not going to learn how to pierce your own lip without experiencing pain, bleeding or a crooked piercing. Visiting a professional piercing parlor is the only way to pierce your lip and have a successful outcome. Professional body piercers are paid the amount of money it takes to pierce a lip for several reasons. Education, the price of equipment and supplies, and experience are all factors that determine a piercer’s pay.

  1. Choose what type of lip piercing is for you. There are labrets, vertical labrets, lip piercings on either side of your mouth and monroe piercings. A labret is centered underneath your bottom lip and vertical labret goes through the bottom lip with a bead resting on the top. Lip piercings are placed anywhere along the lip line–except for in the fold of the mouth–and can be in groups of two or more. Monroe piercings are above the upper lip, on either side.
  2. Consider what type of jewelry you like for your lip piercing. Body jewelry for lip piercings comes in a spectrum of colors and also jewels, such as the color of a ruby or emerald. If your piercer is a professional, the shop will carry titanium and niobium that comes in every color of the rainbow. Titanium and Niobium is available for initial piercings because an electrical process achieves the color, so titanium and niobium can withstand the sterilization process. Color coated, or cheap jewelry, cannot be used in initial piercings because the jewelry melts during the sterilization process. Be wary of piercers that do not offer a large jewelry selection for initial piercings.
  3. Talk to a piercer about a lip piercing. Understand the commitment of the aftercare. Avoiding alcohol, kissing, and oral sex for six to eight weeks is necessary during the healing period of a lip piercing. Cleaning the piercing, inside and outside of the mouth, is also a daily commitment once you pierce your lip. Do not consider a lip piercing if you cannot commit to these aftercare rules.

Piercing your own lip is a dangerous move. There is a big difference between sanitation and sterilization, which professional piercers, doctors and nurses are aware of. Using a lighter, alcohol, or boiling a needle, jewelry or equipment does not result in sterilized tools for a piercing. Leave the piercing to the professionals and walk away with a lip piercing free of complications.



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