How To Pierce Your Tongue

You have seen the trend of tongue piercing, and now you want to learn about how to pierce your tongue. But, are you sure you want to be the one to do a tongue piercing on yourself? Keep a few things in mind and think about what could happen if you pierce your own tongue.

  1. The cool trend factor. Yes, you may think piercing your tongue looks pretty cool, but there are dangers in getting your tongue pierced, let alone in piercing your own tongue.
  2. The tongue, not the ear. Ears are one of the most common piercings people get, male or female, even self-piercings on the lobes. But ears and earlobes in particular are a much thinner piece of cartilage to work with. There is less chance of a lot of blood, and less chance of permanently scarring tissue. The tongue is a more complicated piece of tissue, especially since there is a lot more flesh to go through to get an all-the-way-through-the-tongue piercing.
  3. Still feeling superior to a professional? Even if you are really tempted to attempt a tongue piercing yourself, consider what you would do if profuse bleeding started. Would you know what to do? How much would it wind up costing if you have to go to the doctor or, worse yet, the emergency room when your tongue piercing doesn't quite go the way you planned or expected? Again, remember how much more flesh your tongue has, and it is usually wet and therefore slippery and much more difficult to self-pierce than, say, your earlobe.
  4. Consider a professional, please. Do yourself a favor and treat your tongue to a licensed professional piercer who has positive experience with tongue and other body piercings. It's much more safe and would probably take less time. Plus, the risk of infection is so much lower than if you pierce your own tongue.

After taking all of these precautions and considering the possibilities and warnings of what could happen if you pierce your own tongue, you are not going to get much sympathy if something goes wrong. You are going to have people who think you were high on some drug that made you do something as crazy as piercing your own tongue. Yes, crazy. It's probably a bit crazy to pierce your own cartilage, and yet some even do that. Be safe and make a professional tongue-piercing appointment.

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