How To Pike Breakdance

If you want to learn a cool freeze move, learn how to pike breakdance. Some of the coolest dance moves in hip-hop are the freezes. A good freeze shows that the dancer has mastered the necessary balance and physical conditioning to pull it off. The pike is no different. When a b-boy pulls off a great pike maneuver, the audience can do nothing but sit there and watch in amazement. It's as if the breaker has defied gravity itself. Though the instructions for doing a pike are simple enough, if you don't have great balance and a hell of a lot of physical conditioning, you'll have a difficult time pulling this little gem off. If you think you're ready, this is how you do a pike.

  1. First things first. Don't do a thing before you stretch. Stretch your entire body down to your wrists and fingers. Seriously. If you're not loose, you're going to fall. Simple and plain. You're going to have to shift your entire weight over and balance on one arm, so it really helps to be loose.
  2. Doing a handstand. If you can't do a good handstand, and we mean good handstand, go back to the drawing board. You need to be able to balance in a handstand for a decent amount of time before continuing on to a Pike. If you can't balance on two hands, balancing on one hand will be impossible. To do the handstand, make sure your arms are shoulder length apart and your elbows are facing slightly outward. This will help with balance. Lift your lower body up, arch your back and extend your legs to the sky. Some people even look forward by lifting their head. They say it helps with balance. Either way, be careful.
  3. The pike. While in the handstand position decide which hand you're going to pike on. Twist your torso and other arm up and over the chosen balancing hand. You need to twist your waist so that your chest is pointing upward. Reach for the sky with your off arm. Immediately bring your two legs to your chest and hold. Twist your balancing arm to compensate for the added weight and lock your balancing arm in place.
  4. Dangers. As you can tell, doing this move leaves you very vulnerable. If you're not flexible, then leave it alone. Don't attempt this move for the first time without the safety of a mat. If you fall, you're going to get hurt. Once again, if you're not used to holding a handstand for a while then leave the pike alone until you can.
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