How To Pimp Your Toyota Yaris

Learn how to pimp Your Toyota Yaris with aftermarket accessories. A Toyota Yaris is a very blandly styled vehicle. Adding your own accessories can help make your vehicle stand out from the crowd of other Yaris’. If your vehicle is still under warranty, always avoid modifications which may affect your Yaris warranty status. Otherwise follow the steps below.

  1. Tint your windows. Most vehicles can look very different simply with window tint. You can purchase a window tint kit from a store, or have tint installed by a third party. Tinting windows is a tedious task. If you have never tinted windows you should have this done by a professional. Be sure to check your state's specific tint laws. Tint which is too dark can result in fine.
  2. Lower your wheels. If you lower your Yaris, you can eliminate the gap between the fender wheel well and your wheel.  This will give your vehicle an aggressive, sportier look. However, you will first need to purchase a coil over kit specific to your Yaris.
  3. Increase the size of your rims. Buy larger wheels, and low profile tires. This will not only improve the look of your vehicle, but you can also increase your vehicle grip. Be sure to check the lug nut compatibility. If you purchase aftermarket rims, they may have different bolt patterns.
  4. Install a spoiler.  A spoiler can make your Yaris stand out in the crowd. Be sure to choose a spoiler which does not impede your vision. You do not want to block your visibility from the rear windshield. 

Installing aftermarket accessories can be a great way to pimp your Toyota Yaris to stand out in a crowd. Just be ready to attract attention!

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